Here you will find all the wonderful resources that we can use as teachers and administrators


If you are like me who has long commute to school and looking for latest content on Education, Self management, Health and Finances, Audiobooks is the way to go. I listen to at least one audiobook a week. If you are not already part of Audible, click here to get your Free First book of Your Choice with 30 day trail of the program

ProjectPupil.Com/MyBook (Affiliate link*)

If you are starting your blog:

I believe every teacher should blog. Boast about the work s/he is doing and learn from each other’s work. Paul Solarz’s blog is an example. It has never been easier to start a blog. My wife has multiple blogs- one of the simple ways to start a blog is through Blogger or EduBlogs

You could also start a blog with your preferred domain name and have total control over everything that you post on the web.  BlueHost has made it simple for anyone to get started with a blog for a price of one coffe a month. HostGator is another option. 

Education related Blogs that I follow: 

A.J.Juliani’s Blog

Larry Ferlazzo’s Blog

Michael Gorman’s Blog

Education Week


Education related Podcasts that I follow:

Better Educators with Eric Robertson

Teacher Cast

Apps mentioned by the guests on the show:


Screen recording on computer:


Screen recording of an iPad:


Audio recording software: 

Audacity (Free and I use it for my podcast recordings)


*Affiliate link does not cost you any extra money. But, I will earn commission if you make a purchase.

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