I am 30 year old dude from Bay Area, California who enjoys going to work every day as a Speech-Language Pathologist in public schools here in the valley. I have a dream life- a stable (at least I think it is) job and an amazing wife who herself is also a Speech-Language Pathologist.
My Story
I was born into a family of educators. My mom was a high school teacher. I remember her leaving for school early in the morning after getting us ready. She would leave the home with breakfast and lunches ready for all of us. My dad is inspirational for his long-term vision and persistence.
After my Masters education from University of Mysore, my wife (then my girl friend) and I immigrated to the States in 2007. We had an option of working as Speech-Language Pathologists either in a nursing home or in a public school. The decision was simple- Public Schools. We both love going to work in public schools. We would enjoy sharing our school stories at the end of the day.
People sometimes ask- is it tough for you guys to be in same profession? I say, yes and no. No, because we understand each other’s work and can empathize with what either one is going through. Yes, because neither can say that we have a harder job 🙂
So, why ProjectPupil?
As virtue of being a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have witnessed school systems in two very different states, worked in more than 20 schools and worked with 100+ teachers. During my 7+ years in public schools I have noticed many wonderful teaching methods and practices. In my interactions with teachers and administrators I would talk about a good idea that I witnessed in some classroom or lessons I learned from an idea that didn’t work at a particular school.
But I always wondered about the good practices that take place in other classrooms and schools. How am I going to ever learn about them, more importantly, how will each of us will share our experiences so we can make informed decisions as part of educating our students?
Thus was born Project Pupil- a podcast, a voice for teachers and administrators to share stories with the rest of the world. In the coming days I intend to bring conversations about ideas in education that are worth spreading.
How am I enjoying ProjectPupil?
Since the first talk on Project Pupil I have been joyous and in fact proud to make valuable conversations available for all educators. At the end of every recording I am left with joy in my heart. I am still learning to interview people. As a quiet person myself it is tough to engage in dialogue, but I enjoy the topics so I am ready to learn the necessary skills. There are days I come home, toss the backpack and sit for an interview. The post-interview editing takes as long as, if not more time than the actual talk. It is been a labor of love.
This is just the beginning. Since I am a good listener I will wait to hear from you on how I am doing. I await your thoughts and comments. In this current times the least we can do is stay connected besides staying committed to education.
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